2024 Winners’ Summaries

Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director sponsored by TEAM Software
Steve Coleman – Manguard Plus
Steve Coleman, has revolutionised security management, melding business insight with security expertise to drive strategic innovation and a culture of proactive protection. As a Regional Director at Manguard Plus, his adoption of advanced risk management and technology-led solutions has significantly enhanced security performance and operational efficiency, yielding considerable cost savings for clients. His leadership in developing Prosecure Training has raised the standard of professional development, resulting in a skilled, motivated security team. His visionary approach has transformed security into a strategic business cornerstone, cementing his reputation as an industry exemplar.

Outstanding Security Team
Patient Support Monitoring Officer Team – MCR Group
The Patient Support Monitoring Officer (PSMO) team, led by MCR Group, bolsters hospital safety through one-to-one patient monitoring, curbing assaults on staff. Customised Healthcare Security Officer training ensures guards possess essential skills like communication and conflict resolution. PSMOs actively aid in patient care plans, fostering positive interactions based on individual profiles. Rapid deployment within an hour across multiple sites highlights flexibility and responsiveness. Innovative technology integration with a bespoke patient data board system enhances communication and personalisation of care. Career progression opportunities within healthcare inspire team members. Overall, the PSMO team’s dedication, specialised training, and patient-centric approach significantly contribute to hospital safety and stakeholder well-being. Judges comment that this is a genuine, well considered and delivered service by a team of dedicated individuals.

Outstanding Security Partnership
Integrity Security & St. Patrick’s Day Festival
The partnership between Integrity Security and the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, initiated in 2022, has evolved into a hallmark of collaborative excellence, setting new standards in event security and management. In 2023, Integrity deployed over 700 professionals, contributing over 5000 hours to ensure the safety of half a million attendees. This alliance has not only enhanced the festival’s vibrancy but also established a seamless operational model through centralised communication and meticulous planning. The partnership’s ability to adapt and scale, extending services to associated events across Ireland, reflects a deep-seated commitment to safety, operational excellence, and the promotion of Irish cultural heritage.  Judges felt that this high-profile submission was supported by a very factual account of the outstanding partnership and this achievement was a showcase for others within the event security arena to aspire.

Outstanding Security Officer
Adam Mitchell – Pinterest
Adam has over eight years of experience and has consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment to Pinterest’s safety. His expertise in incident response proved invaluable during high-profile events, such as the Dublin riots, where he ensured the safety of nearly 300 employees. Adam’s dedication extends beyond his professional duties, as he has saved lives through swift first aid responses. He actively pursues certifications to enhance his skills, setting an example for aspiring security professionals.  Judges commented that Adam has demonstrated high standards in leadership, expertise and commitment and his overall ability and dedication in the context of providing a first-class service to his clients is clearly evident.   A very well-rounded individual who clearly makes a positive impact in all areas of the business.

Outstanding Security Training Initiative sponsored by Pulse Security Management
Healthcare Security Officer Training Programme – MCR Group
MCR Group, a leading provider of security services to Irish healthcare sites, has developed an acclaimed Healthcare Security Officer (HCSO) Training Programme. Led by Tom McGahan, MCR’s Head of Training & Development, this programme earned recognition as a top healthcare security provider in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2022. Customisable modules, tailored to client needs, focus on patient safety, including patient profiling and crisis intervention. The training significantly reduces injuries and sick leave among officers, fostering client satisfaction and service continuity.  Collaboration with healthcare clients in developing patient profiles empowers officers to de-escalate situations effectively, reducing patient outbursts. Security Awareness Workshops for all healthcare staff further enhance site safety, with notable reductions in risk reported since implementation. Judges commented that this training initiative has clearly had an impact in a very difficult and complex environment.

Outstanding Security Company (Guarding)
Manguard Plus
Manguard Plus was founded in 1996 and is a fully Irish owned company. With offices in Naas (HQ), Belfast, Cork, Waterford, Cork and Derry, they provide a full island of Ireland service to their clients. With over 1200 employees and a turnover of over €43M per annum and have seen a 23% organic growth this year. The judges felt that this was clearly a great company with an impressive ethos. They were particularly impressed with the drive of the company to develop itself as a learning organisation and its employees as individuals.

Outstanding Female Security Professional
Rebecca Kane – Bidvest Noonan
Rebecca’s journey from a part-time cleaning operative to Campus Security Manager is marked by exceptional achievements. She demonstrated adaptability during the pandemic, successfully led complex contract mobilisations, and oversaw high-profile projects, earning praise from clients and colleagues. Her proactive approach, dedication to continuous improvement, and commitment to personal development make her a shining example of excellence in the security sector.  Judges felt that Rebecca demonstrated excellent organisational skills, and client engagement which were commendable.

Outstanding Security Sustainability Award
SecuriGroup’s approach to sustainability has added significant value by driving carbon reduction initiatives, fostering employee engagement, and supporting clients in their sustainability endeavours. These efforts not only benefit the company but also contribute to broader sustainability goals and inspire others to prioritise environmental responsibility.  Judges felt that SecuriGroup had clearly demonstrated their commitment to sustainable working methods and were deserving of this award.

Outstanding Young Security Professional
Rayssa Rodrigues Vitorio – Manguard Plus
Rayssa, a young professional at Manguard Plus, has significantly impacted the security industry through her diverse roles and contributions. With a foundation in production engineering and business, coupled with specialised certifications like CPO and CSSM, she excels as a quality and compliance officer, ensuring high operational standards. As the Women in Security Liaison for the ISRM Ireland Chapter, she champions inclusivity, inspiring women in security. Overcoming language barriers and gender biases, Rayssa’s journey showcases resilience and adaptability. Her efforts extend beyond operational excellence to shaping an inclusive, ethical security environment, making her a role model in the sector.

Lifetime Achievement
Paul Kellett
Paul Kellett, a distinguished figure in the security profession, exhibits an impressive commitment to elevating standards and fostering education. With roles spanning prestigious organisations such as the Security Institute of Ireland and the Emergency Management Institute, he pioneers initiatives, authors crucial manuals, and mentors countless professionals. Notably, his contributions extend internationally, earning him accolades such recognition as an IFSEC Global Top Influencer. Paul’s diverse skill set, from a 36-year front-line service career to advanced academic qualifications, underscores his multifaceted impact and makes him a deserving nominee for the OSPA Ireland Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1990, Paul demonstrated extraordinary heroism, meriting the Distinguished Service Medal for Bravery from the Irish Defence Forces as well as Spain’s esteemed Cross of Naval Merit, conferred by King Juan Carlos.